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Started in 2005 Gary Anderson is working to complete his novel. Here is an excerpt.


chapter One

Driving down the Berlin nighttime street, Sarah looked every direction making sure she wasn’t being followed without making it obvious. But she always knew that her Special Ops contact always had someone watching her in case she ever got in trouble and needed to be extracted out of a situation. And this night she definitely knew that her extraction team was watching her cuz she knew what the plan was for this appointment tonight.

She was supposed to meet up with a high ranking terrorist leader acting as if she was a part of a female terrorist group that wanted the support of the leader’s group in planning and executing an attack on Berlin’s financial district to try and cripple the country’s economy. But in reality, Sarah was an undercover special operations asset of the Central Intelligence Agency sent into Berlin to try and take down the leader and his group of insurgents that are planning something way bigger than her cover. Intel reports she read before flying into the country showed the movement of large amounts of troops and supplies inside the leader’s Middle East home country of Iran.

Sarah, born in Portugal but raised most of her teenage years in the U.S. has the body and darker skin of the minority of the citizens of her home country. Her extremely black hair and brown eyes also give her an advantage in dealing with people from the Middle East because she is able to pass off as Middle Eastern. Even her accent when she speaks Arabic sounds like a native. That’s why the Agency brought her on even though she wasn’t born an American citizen.  She was the top of her class linguistics and hand to hand combat. On top of her father being one of the geniuses behind the latest upgrades in weapon technology for Portugal and its allies, Sarah was born into poverty in Portugal but her father and mother brought her to the U.S. to give her a new life and a better upbringing when her father was recruited to work for one of America’s leading weapons manufacturer’s, Yarbery/Miranda Tech. Inc. who at the time when her father was recruited was headed by the father of her Special Ops contact, Richard Yarbery Sr.

Sarah pulled up along the curb at the address given to her over the phone and shut down the engine to the jeep. As she’s climbing out of the vehicle, Richard Yarbery Jr., her Special Ops contact and unit leader here in Berlin, whispers in her hidden earpiece, “You know what to do right, Sarah?”

“Yes captain I do,” she whispers in reply to the hidden microphone in her bra. “Make contact and get his attention then take out the targets. You have me covered, right?”


“Of course I got you covered,” Richard replied staring threw the scope and down the barrel of his .50 caliber sniper rifle from a top a roof across the square. “I’m looking at you right now.”


Sarah knew that he was watching her every move from his scope. And she also knew that he had a silencer on the end of his barrel to silence the sound of the shot as the first two guards, 50 feet in front of her, dropped from dead center head shots.

“Good shots, Captain.”

“No problem, Sarah. Just get in there and do what needs to be done and your ride will be here in 10.”

“Roger that, Captain. Ride in 10.” Sarah replies as she walks past the two dead guards bodies and into the building.


“You think she’ll be okay in there by herself, Captain?” asked Staff Sergeant Edgar Rodriguez.

“Of course she is Sergeant. She’s the best at what she does. They didn’t ask us to watch out for her and get her out if she wasn’t the best. And you know my father wouldn’t ask me personally to do this job if she wasn’t the best.” replied Captain Richard Yarbery Jr., leader of an elite group of Special Operation soldiers from America’s elite Delta Force branch of Special Forces.

“I believe you Captain. Your father wouldn’t ask us to do this job if she’s that valuable to the Agency. He would’ve asked Team Six from the SEALs to do it if he didn’t think she was valuable.”