As It turns out, bungee jumping is much safer
than entering into new relationships or investing your money

Love, money and taking risks all have one thing in common.
Each is a series of leaps, large and small.
For Love or Money: A Guide to Bungee-Jumping Through Life sorts our life’s triumphs and pitfalls, whether they be in relationships, finances or all of the above. Annie Oeth, author of Because I Said So: Life in The Mom Zone, offers in her new book a second helping of down-to-earth laughter, love and encouragement with a little self help in the mix. Although the author is a newspaper columnist, all entries in this book were written exclusively for the book.
About Oeth’s first book, bestselling author Jill Conner Browne wrote: “Our own precious Annie Oeth has penned Genius for us in Because I Said So. Matters not if one never parented a child—for certain, everybody was one, once—so the appeal and the truth are universal.”
Also commenting on the first book was the Library Journal: “As a weekly newspaper column, these entries are quite charming and likely have a destination readership . . . “—May 2014.
Whether you’re just starting out in life or have been there and have the T-shirt to prove it, For Love or Money will take you from the shaky ground on which you sometimes stand to the launching pad of your next leap of faith.