Gary started his book in 2008 and has been working on developing the story ever since while juggling a hectic work and school schedule. The first book in a planned series, “The Battle of Two Warriors” starts off in the enemy encampment of Norten’s Land just outside the city of Aquati. The book will lead you on the story of two warriors from enemy lands ans they fight to defend their countries from the other.

Below is an excerpt from the first chapter. You can find out more about Gary and his progress on his Facebook fan page


Chapter 1 Excerpt.

Late one day in the Lisboa Forest, near the forest city of Aquati, was camped an army  from Norten’s land waiting for night time to come upon the forest so that they could attack the city. Their leader’s name was called Skula, which meant Skull Head in the leader’s native tongue. The reason they call him this was because his head was shaped like a skull with skin that had no muscle or fat in which he had been born with. He was also the most fearsome warrior and commander in his native land. He made sure that the warriors under his command were strong, fearsome and never feared death. He was a commander who was like those of the old northern kingdom before its fall. His warriors he hand-picked from among all of the warriors in his country, including some that had been murderers and other violent people before joining his army.