Our friend Maasi J. Smith ha released his book Mischiefmakers. If you need something to keep you up at night and enjoy tales of demonic horror this one is for you.

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. Check it out here 







A spine-tingling tale, Mischiefmakers is an eerie story of a homeless woman who becomes entangled between two dimensions. Melissa Shelton is enticed by the gifts from the netherworld, clouding her judgment as she becomes the unwilling participant in a plot by lost souls. Caught between two kingdoms, the Lost Souls of Asylum need Melissa in their quest to escape their abyss. She is unaware of the evil that follows her and protects her. Those who become aware are swiftly dealt a mortal blow.Maasi Smith tells a terrifying thought-provoking story as he takes the reader on a journey into the hidden evil spiritual depths of our world.