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“More than nude – fine art photography” is an illustrated book with around 120 large-size female nude photographs, which not only attract the male viewers in the spell. The nakedness of women is not the focus, but the integration into an artful composition. The feminine beauty is shown in numerous facets – sometimes subtly seductive, sometimes provocative erotic, but always aesthetically. The photographer Kristian Liebrand has received numerous national and international awards. His works have been exhibited in many cities and published in numerous media. This illustrated book shows a cross section of his artistic work and invites lovers of (erotic) Photography repeatedly to scroll through a.

fine nude art photography book

“More than nude – fine art photography” This breathtaking picture book of about 120 enlarge female nude photographs art does not just attract the male eye. The female nudity is not the center of attraction Merely part of the photographic composition. Beautifully illustrated through many facets, sometimes seductive, sometimes provocative, but always aesthetic. The German photographer Kristian Liebrand Has received national and international recognition and won many contests Has. His artworks HAS BEEN Exhibited in many cities. Numerous magazines, professional journals and some TV stations have reported on Kristian Liebrand. This picture book shows a cross section of his art work for admirers of (fine art nude) photography.

Format: 28 x 28 cm x 1.3 cm
Weight: 1.020 grams 120 pages, hardcover, inner 170g paper

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